Charge Energy Meter

For accurate measurement of mAh, please starts with a depleted Power-Bank, Mobile or Tablet  before charging.
The final mAh shown on the charge display when charging completes is the Power Bank’s capacity in mAh.
It is normal that Power-Bank, Mobile or Tablet store to 80% of their specification as specification are tested under ideal laboratory conditions

Application eg 1:
Is the mAh specification of your Power Bank honest?

Power Banks are popular and are supplied by many manufacturers.   Rule of thumb is: the higher the mAh specification, the higher is the price.  Manufacturers may exploit this by exaggerating their specification. But they can’t fool you now!  With Prüfen, you can check if the mAh specification is honest.

Application eg 2:
Your mobile power does not last as long as before?

Poor-quality manufacturing or prolonged use can reduce significantly batteries capacity to store energy. Charge the depleted battery with Prufen. If mAh is observed to reduce significantly, then the problem is with the battery. If battery mAh is within specification, then the problem is that there are too many power hungry apps running.
To check the mAh of your Mobile/Tablet, search the web with “Battery capacity mAh xxx” where xxx is your Phone/Tablet model.