Charge Safer World’s First USB Cable with Auto Stop Safety Against


Power Overload

Current Surge

Auto-Off Timer

And yes, it can also tell if you 10,000mAh power bank is really 10,000mAh


Charge Safer

Prüfen checks continuously for Overheating (Temperature),  Power Overload (Voltage) and Current Surge (Current). Overheating, Power Overload and Current Surge are precursors to danger.  Charging is AUTOMATICALLY STOPPED if any abnormal levels are detected and an its respectively error message is displayed

Temperature Safety

Prüfen has temperature sensors at both ends of the cable checking on your power source and your device as shown on the display. Charging will abort upon detecting abnormal temperatures.


Power Overload Safety

Prüfen’s microprocessor monitors voltages of Power and Recipient devices for signs of Power source failure or overload. This is especially critical when one is using third party USB power adaptors.  Prüfen aborts charging if abnormal voltages occur.


Auto-Off Timer

Don’t feel safe to charge overnight? Set the auto-off timer to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 hours. Cable will automatically stop after time lapse.

Current Surge Safety

Prüfen’s microprocessor continuously monitors current flow from Power to Recipient Device.  When high current, like for example, a sudden surge of current due to component failure, Prüfen will automatically stop charging

Previous Charge

Forgotten what was the mAh charged in the last charging process? No problem! Prüfen stores the mAh charge of the previous charging cycle, allowing convenient comparison to current charge.

Charge Energy Meter

Prüfen measures the actual energy supplied in mAh (industry unit) to the battery. You can now determine the mAh of your power bank and mobile phone.

Connector Compatibility (Apple® and USB-C)

Prüfen comes standard with micro-USB connector for charging. Prufen is compatible with all authorized Apple® Lightning® and USB-C connectors.  These optional adaptors are not included.

Prufen maintains a micro USB adaptors so that users may also charge their power banks.

Apple® & Lightning® are trademarks of Apple Inc

Best in Class Cable

Unlike cheap cables, Prüfen uses thick gauge wires which can improve charging time. Data transfer wires are also thicker. Prüfen’s copper wires are tin-plated to prevent corrosion and thus improve reliability. Shielding wires are added to prevent Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI).

Patent Pending

Prüfen Smart USB Cable is a result of many years of research resulting in many proprietary designs and innovative features.

Patents pending (14/892,966), (104136824), (050401)